Private suites set close to the rain forests and the sea.

Overlooking to valleys and ocean on Dominicia's North coast

Easy Access to suites on Dominica's north coast

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This web site will give you information about the area, Wind Blow is located in

This web site is the "official" web site of the Government of Dominica. Here you will find details about visas and other requirements

This is the newest web site about Dominica. details about places to see and things to do can be found here.

Plan you stay at Wind Blow during "Carnival", celebrated just before "Lent" each year.

Plan you visit for the Creole Music festival each year in October


Quick Facts:

Dominica is situated between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the eastern Caribbean, Dominica (pronounced dom-in-EEK-ah) is the largest and most mountainous of the Windward Islands, with an area of nearly 290 square miles. More than half of it is covered with tropical forests offering a range of outdoor adventures. Hikers, bikers and horseback riders can explore more than 300 miles of trails that wind across valleys, past waterfalls and up mountains reaching heights of nearly 5,000 feet. There are three national parks, more than 365 rivers and streams, and at least 40 dive sites just offshore.


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